What is ‘Creative Marketing’?

Creative marketing refers to the critical, right-brained side of marketing that, when seamlessly paired with the objective, strategical, and analytical side of marketing, allows brands to drive their bottom line. It’s also the side of marketing that will always need humans to be largely involved as marketing becomes more automated, because it relies heavily on creativity and social skills.


What is considered ‘Creative Marketing’?

Anything that relies heavily on human creativity in Marketing. Typically, these would be copywriting, design, content creation, branding, certain aspects of advertising, creative direction, and more.

about me:

I graduated from Castleton University in Vermont with a B.S. in Business Marketing. After that, I found myself working in marketing and living near the Delaware/Maryland state line. I had always been a writer and a creative, but the corporate marketing world pigeon-holed me into a strategic marketing role that I grew dissatisfied with. I was no longer doing the copywriting, ad design, content marketing, etc. that I grew to love so much and had a natural knack for.

After working in the corporate world as Marketing Manager for about five years, the time came for me to branch out on my own to continue what I love doing, and what I’m naturally good at: creative marketing projects.

After reading books from Jen Sincero and Gabby Bernstein, I finally mustered up the faith and courage to become an independent contractor. In addition to receiving excellent creative marketing work, you’re helping a young rogue live out her dreams.

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