How to get over a bad day

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Ah yes, the good old "bad day", also known as "one of those days". You're probably the ten billionth person to ever have a bad day, and for literally millenniums to come, there will be more bad days for everyone (comforting, I know). But chances are, this isn't your first bad day, and it probably won't be your last (am I helping yet?). But guess what? You're not alone. There are over seven billion people in the world, so chances are, a good billion or so also had a bad day.

This might help make you feel a little better about your bad day:

It's behind you. Literally, nothing you do at this point can change the events that have happened, and at this point, you're just stewing in it.

Stew away. Sit in solitude and think about what happened. Think about each little event or large event that happened today, and try to see it from every angle you can. Flip perspectives. Force yourself to see "what good may come" from what happened.

Guess what? It's over now. Are you going to carry it over to tomorrow? Is it worth carrying over tomorrow? Or will you wake up and choose to face it head on, falling back on your amazing capabilities and choosing not to be a victim of your day? (Spoiler alert: you'll have a better outcome if you leave the negativity with the bad day where it belongs- behind you.)

Still not feeling better?

This is where we turn to distractions- but good ones! Don't drown your sorrows in alcohol or other temporary "masks" to your pain. Not only are they temporary but they can alter your thought about the events that transpired and can make you even more upset than you were before. They can also influence you to "take action" and we almost always regret it. Instead, use the positive things in your life -like your kids, your pet, or other activities you like to do- as an outlet to rid yourself of the negativity you've experienced today. Meditation is a great way to do this, it can help you feel better instantly simply because you close your eyes and choose to surrender your woes to a higher power. It's comforting and it works!

Still not doing it for you?

Countless sayings have been said by billions of people about bad days, but one of the most profound and influential is:

This too shall pass.

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