How to live your dreams

image:  Sidik Subagja

How many time in our life have we heard the expression "living your dreams" or "follow your dreams? Probably too many to count.

But when we think of our own dreams, our own wishes, our own hopes, sometimes we almost make them out to be too far-fetched or unattainable. "It's my dream to be an award-winning rodeo star!". Why does that sound so far-fetched when first of all, its an actual thing, and second of all, there are people doing it?

Your dreams aren't just wishes that have been magically placed in your heads. They're your soul yearning for you to become what you feel on the inside. Every day that you deny your dreamers, and hush your hopeful thoughts about where you actually want to be, you're neglecting a life full of happiness and fulfillment that you never thought possible.

Today is the first day you should start to actually think of your dreams as a reality that is, in fact, attainable to you. You don't want to just bamble on through life never finding out what it tastes like to be exactly who/what/where you want to be, do you? Thought so.

I mean it when I say, dream on! They CAN come true, especially if you believe they can.

For more guidance on how to start dreaming your way into your reality, check out the Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. It'll give you the bigger picture on why, how, etc. you should start being fearless and trusting what it is that's pulling you toward something greater.

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