How to Recognize When Someone is in Your Life to Teach You A Lesson

It's no secret that certain people enter and exit your life for specific reasons.

Often, we fail to see the reasons people are brought into our life because it's overpowered by the negativity they may have brought in with them, or because we set our site's on gaining something from them; a friendship, love, or a business transaction.

The truth is, every person that comes traipsing into our life has brought an important lesson for you with them. You didn't just meet by chance, there are over 7 billion people in the world. While they may have broken your heart, hurt your self-esteem, knocked you down, etc. each one was meant to teach YOU something about YOURSELF or about the ways in which you're blocking YOUR own happiness.

It's your job to find out what they were there to teach you and to apply it to your life. Their lesson is meant to help you grow and learn in one way or another.

Let's take a romantic love for example. Often when we lose romantic love, we are hurt, sad and riddled with pain. This may be due to the pain THEY have caused you, or perhaps your internal demons drove them to exit your life.

Whichever the case may be, they were purposely brought into your life to teach you something, and it's your job to sift through the heartache and take their lesson away with you to help you seek happiness in something greater down the road.

I know what you may be thinking, "what about that jerk at the office?" or "what about my evil ex-husband or ex-wife?" what could that terrible person you're thinking of, possibly have been able to teach you?

Think of it this way, this person you're thinking of has caused you anger, frustration, sadness, or has caused your self-esteem to completely deteriorate. But let me tell you, this is all because you have chosen to let this person make you feel that way.

I can tell you why they feel the need to inflict this on others- it's caused by a lack of love in their heart that stems from their own internal issues. They haven't yet met the person whose lesson will help them overcome their internal struggle (you never know, that person could be you!).

Perhaps this person was brought into your life to finally teach you the lesson that you don't need someone else's opinion to feel validated about yourself. Or perhaps they broke your heart because in going through that break-up process, you learn things about yourself that you've been needing to learn and be conscious of for a long time.

Try this, the next person you know intimately that you come into contact with, I want to you to think about your memories with them- good and bad. I want you to think about how you really feel about this person. I then want you to think about what lessons this person could possibly be teaching you about your own life. If they're constantly belittling you, it's probably because you have self-esteem issues you've had for years that haven't faced yet, and their purpose is to push you to a point to regain control of your life and your happiness.

As soon as you recognize a lesson that someone in your life is trying to teach you, be conscious that you recognize the lesson. That's the first step in overcoming your underlying issues and moving closer to a happy, prosperous life. Don't know what the lesson is? That's okay! That means

Don't know what the lesson is? That's okay! That means it hasn't come to fruition yet. In which case, be vigilant of your thoughts and feelings, be present in your relationships and actively look for the lessons they are teaching you; because they're there.

What is a lesson someone has taught you by simply being brought into your life? Comment below!

spiritmikaela delia