What is love?

Whoa, now that's a loaded question, isn't it? What is love? You probably thought 2 things when you read that:

  1. You instantly sang the words "baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more" in your head.

  2. You picture an adorably cheesy clipart heart with an arrow through it in your head next to the name love

You're right to think both of those things because the thing with love is that is present everywhere, at any time, and it's our human capability to tap into it. We don't produce love, we simply conjure it from its natural place within us to see it, feel it, and experience it in everything we do.

By now you understand that I'm talking about something so much greater than the romantic love we often assign the word "love" to. For example, think about the words "I love you." Do you picture your spouse? One person saying it to another then following it up with a romantic kiss? What if I just said the words "I love you" to my dog?

You see, certain things trigger us to tune into our natural, infinite storage of love. When you see a sunset at night that's breathtaking and wells up a feeling of warmth and joy inside of you, you're feeling love. When you scold your kids for playing too close to the road, you're not speaking from a place of anger, you're speaking from a place of love and their intentional disregard of your warning placed anger on top of it.

Just as you can choose to say the words "I love you", so can you choose to simply feel love in any given situation, at any time. It's encouraged that you choose love. Choose love over anger, choose it over spite, over judgment and, over disdain. Every time you choose love instead of what we're trained to feel, you open the floodgates to more love entering your life, and a life filled with love produces a life of the utmost happiness. Retreating to a place of love, positivity, and joy can save you from any situation. I promise.

At first, you may need to force it. When someone cuts you in line, says something condescending or does something that displays their disregard for other people, instead of reacting like we're trained to do by retaliating, directing anger, etc. simply say in your head "I choose love." Saying these words will conjure the love you have stored within you and will allow you to retreat to a place inward that will make you feel happier, calmer, better than you did even before this person did that thing.

It's time we truly adapt and practice love, it needs to be more than the romantic-comedy definition we've assigned it to and placed with it. It's time we made it a daily recurring practice in our lives. Even just tapping into your storage of love a little bit at a time will not only help you love humans, but you'll receive more and more in return.

spiritmikaela delia