Are you a rogue?

image:  Kevin Carden

What’s a rogue? To me, a rogue is someone who freed themselves from the cycles of normalized fears that humans are basically urged to believe every day. You need a job to have money, you need to work hard to get a job, you need to do this, you’ll never make ends meet in that career, so forth and such which.

If you’re a rogue, you basically that that’s bullshit, and that you were meant to live a happy, carefree, life. If any of the following sound like you, it’s time to release your inner rogue and start living the life you want.

✔︎ I constantly feel like there’s something pulling me in certain directions.

✔︎ I get the feeling I was meant for something more. I just don’t know what.

✔︎ I feel like I’m wasting my destiny where I am. I’m ready to break free.

✔︎ I’ve already freed myself from fear, and am currently pursuing what I was meant to.

✔︎ I want to be happy, I just need to figure out how.

Sound like you? Then you have a rogue spirit that’s beckoning to be set free but it’s trapped by your fears, worries, and limiting beliefs.

What it boils down to is that we all have a rogue inside of us that just wants to live a happy, prosperous life doing exactly what they want to be doing every. single. day. Unfortunately, some of us have convinced ourselves that what we actually want to be doing, or the life we actually want to be living will never happen. They’ve killed their inner rogue, and have settled for a life that’s comfortable, and safe.

The problem is that fear provides us safety and comfort. It’s only through fearlessness and overcoming internal resistances that we can release our inner rogue and live a life beyond our wildest dreams.