Creative Marketing: The Future of Marketing?

image: Micah Ofstedalh | This and many more amazing works available for purchase on  Etsy

image: Micah Ofstedalh | This and many more amazing works available for purchase on Etsy

Sometimes I wonder if I made up the term “Creative Marketing” when I started my business venture, but then I’m like “no, wait. It’s definitely a thing.”

So what is it? Let’s explore.

The Two Parts of Marketing

To first understand creative marketing, you have to understand the dichotomy of marketing in general.

Just like the way your brain has two structures of thinking; right and left, so too does marketing.

The right brain features the creative side, while the left brain features the strategic, analytical, problem solving side.

Both sides are equally as important as one another in your overall marketing strategy and ideally are optimized for maximum cohesion to produce the best results i.e. driving your bottom line.

What is Creative Marketing?

Now that you understand that marketing is equal parts left and right brain, let’s explore the right brain…creative marketing.

Creative marketing embodies all the aspect of marketing that are relatively subjective, and therefore rely heavily on human creativity. In a world where automation can do most of the objective side of marketing, such as provide data and analytics, manage campaigns, etc. the creative marketing realm is what allows brands to be able to successfully communicate with their audience, who are, real humans.

Some things that fall under creative marketing include:

  • Copywriting

  • Design

  • Content

  • Brand strategy

…basically all things that require beautifully unbound human creativity in their conception.

Who Are Creative Marketers?

Ah, great question. So if there are marketing associates, marketing managers, marketing directors, etc…then who heads up the creative?

Many would say that Creative Directors are the creative marketers in the marketing department.

While that’s mostly true, a creative marketer is someone who’s organically exceptionally creative, but vastly experienced in marketing. It’s these people who can effectively marry the right brain and the left brain in marketing, by strategizing the left brain to function successfully with the right.

Creative Marketing Contractors

If you’re a company with creative marketing needs but don’t have the budget to build a whole department of full time creative directors, copywriters, content writers, graphic designers, etc. then a contract creative marketer or creative marketing agency is going to be your best bet.

Essentially, they’re a mini-marketing department that can take care of all your creative marketing needs without eating up your budget. Especially if you’re a going business or are looking to scale.

Contract creative marketers, like myself, are a one-stop shop. After five years in a corporate marketing management role, I’ve been able to hone a wide spectrum of marketing skills, which, when paired with my natural-born creative abilities, has allows me to create a new role revolutionalizing marketing as we know it – the Creative Marketer.

The Future of Marketing

As time goes on, and more and more technology emerges that can effectively replace the left-brained side of marketing, creative marketers with their creativity and marketing education and experience will become the new pioneers for marketing departments.

And, as companies discover that it’s more cost-effective to hire contract employees (and, as employees discover that flexibility trumps certainty in regards to employment) you’ll see a wave of new-age roles and employment structures.

Starting with me, so, hi, how ya doin’?

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