What makes compelling copywriting?

image: Marcel Caram

image: Marcel Caram

The whole goal behind copywriting is to inspire action. You want to communicate that "we see you, we feel you, we got you" when speaking to your customers about your products or services. Good copy is a free-flowing conversation that makes those involved feel good enough to want to feel better by potentially utilizing your brand.

1) Your target market has to feel like it's being spoken to by an old friend who understands them, their struggles, and wishes to help. 

First and foremost, you define your target market. Think of identifying your target by getting to know new people you've hit off with and are trying to get to know better because you want to hang out with them more, be invited over for pizza and vice versa.

Knowing your target market's psychographics and demographics is vitally crucial in knowing to speak their language (metaphorically).

2) Creating trust and excitement in a natural way

Now, let's say your old Italian mother invites you for dinner and rants and raves about this rolling pin she bought that's no-stick, and creates a nice, thin, even pizza crust that you're now heartily enjoying. For some reason, she's exciting you about this rolling pin because not only do you LOVE pizza, but she's listing off the benefits as if she KNOWS that those have been your struggles.

This metaphor represents what you want to do with your copy.

Once you've defined your target market, know they love pizza and know their struggles while cooking it, you can be the old Italian mother who can solve their pizza problems.

If this post isn't giving you a hankering for pizza, then I can't relate because now I want to down at least three slices of pie.

3) Enticing with pizza- making it simple and beneficial to say yes

Your copy when communicating your brand, services, and products must not only express that you can provide benefits and solve problems for your target, but you also have to inspire them to take action. You're like the old Italian mother saying, "don't worry; I'll send ya the link to the internet place where they sell 'em!". Effective copy inspires your target to take action, and you've made it as easy as possible for them to do so by doing all the work for them. Here you go, here it is!

However, that's not all; you have to entice them into doing it.

Effective copy will subtly entice your target to take action, particularly by sweetening that deal. Now is where you'd want to offer your audience a gift, but when translating that to copy, you'll want to make sure you're still talking to them as if they're your (which by now they should be) close friend. Nothing gets someone more excited than knowing they have a "connect" to something they need and want, who can get them that thing by dodging set prices, obstacles, and making the buying process more manageable.

4) Pizza Party- showing thanks and retention

It's vital that you have copy within your brand that thanks and give gratitude to your existing customers after they've purchased. It also never hurts to elude to potential customers that "hey, trust me, you WANT to be in this pizza club. All you have to do is start making the best dang pizza with your awesome new roller".

Maintaining that new friendship with your customers by keeping in communication with them (through copy) is the key to retention.

YOUR BOTTOM LINE: Bottom line, compelling copy involves:

  • Knowing who your target market by thinking of them as a friend you're trying to make and knowing their interests and struggles

  • Talking to them as if they're your friend, and you're giving them advice on their struggles and how you can help.

  • Letting them know that you're going to go out of your way to fix this for them and make their lives better with your brand

  • Maintaining the friendship by staying in communication with your target, and continuing to add value to their lives.

  • Ultimately, being real, being natural, staying away from a "selling" tone, and trusting that you and your brand has what it takes to make a forever friend and naturally communicating it that way.

Compelling copy that converts,

is this just within your reach.

mikaela delia