5 Important Things Your Creative Content Should Have

image: Mikaela Delia

image: Mikaela Delia

Each individualized piece of creative content has to actually do something.

Whether it’s helping you rank in Google, driving engagement, encouraging conversions, or conveying brand messages, creative content has to be functional.

Not only does it have to be functional, but it has to artfully fit in to your bigger strategy.

If your creative content just feels like it’s floating out there in cyberspace, perhaps it’s time to see if it’s hitting all those sparkling top notes. Here are five important things your creative content should have.

  1. The basics

This seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how much creative content I see missing all the basics that make it effective in hitting marketing objectives. While the basics of what your creative content should have vary by function, most of them should have the following:

  • Consistency – content should maintain the same tone, aesthetic, and branding no matter its use.

  • SEO – A lot of people don’t have a firm grasp of SEO, but ensure each web page, blog post, case study, etc. housed on your site has a focus keyword.

  • CTA – Creative content has a purpose, whether it’s an article, ad, etc. A call-to-action ensures it’s fulfilling that purpose.

  • Readability – Keep copy clear, concise, and use readable fonts, headers, and bullet points.

2. Clear, simple messaging

Trust me when I say that as a writer, you can start to lose track of your own thoughts on the page.

Before diving into your creativity, whether in an ad, on a web page, or in a blog post, outline in a few sentences what the overall message is. Keep it nearby can help you stay on track when you hit thought-traffic in your head.

If ever you wonder whether or not you’re clearly communicating your message, ask for outsider input from another team member to see if they’re picking up what you’re putting down.

3. Targeting

Your business revolves around targeting a certain audience. This audience can be personified into a few different buyer personas. These buyer personas should be used as a guide when creating content.

Every piece of content should target at least one of these personas, and if it’s heavily sales-focused, all three of them. This not only helps keep content consistent, but allows your to continually improve your brand to cater to these personas.

4. Intrigue

People love cool stuff, and creative content gives you the opportunity to add a little “ooh” and “aah” to your branding. Be experimental with your content and see what designs, tone, and pieces do the best at driving engagement.

You can also use this as an opportunity to ask your audience what they like best. Interact and engage with them by getting their input on design, logo, content pieces, etc.

5. Genuineness

Your creative content needs to be genuine, not just pandering to your audience.

Let’s say you have a millennial audience. It’s going to be extremely obvious if you’re trying to cram pop-culture references into your creative content to drive engagement. Plus, millennials can tell when brands are trying to be edgy in their commercials, in their social media, etc.

If you want to target a certain audience, you have to align yourself with those values. Not just pretend you do.

How ‘bout some creative direction?

Let’s take a little looks-y at what’s working and what’s not.

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