How to Target the "Sustainable" Audience

image:  Spencer Byles …I encourage you to  view all  of his amazing work.

image: Spencer Byles…I encourage you to view all of his amazing work.

Simply put, the world is a better place because there are sustainable brands, and people who want to support those brands. Unfortunately, there are excellent brands with sustainable values, but their voice isn’t being heard because their mission ins’t effectively being conveyed to their target audience. Here are three marketing tips to keep in mind when trying to rally the audience that will support your company mission.

Communicate Your Vision

People should be able to visit your website and/or social media accounts and know exactly what your organization does.

Creating a clear and concise vision statement is vital if you want to have people empathizing with your work. This vision not only needs to be spelled out, but also depicted in your photos, testimonies, and other copy that appears on your pages.

Sites that are too busy with written content can cause you to lose potential readers. Using photos and graphic design wisely not only engages your audience at first glance, but keeps them there longer, but connects them to your vision.

Share Your Story With Emphasis on the Future

Now that your vision is clear and concise, it’s time to tell the story behind your brand. Most people aren’t as interested in why it was started, but rather want to know where it is going.

For example, most people realize that there is a need for clean water in parts of Africa, that inner-city violence is a threat to many, and that India has an astronomical amount of orphans on the street. The question most people want the answer to is, “how can I help?”

Immediately telling the audience the tangible difference your brand has made engages their emotions and evokes a call to action.

Be Genuine

Make it abundantly apparent to your audience that supporting your brand helps support the causes they care about. But that’s not enough…

You have to be genuine about it. Don’t just throw content about LGBTQ pride month on Facebook to pander to that audience, only to be silent about about supporting their struggles the rest of the year. People know when you’re just trying to market to them, and when your brand has genuinely joined in the good fight to ignite real, positive change.

Partner With Nonprofits

Take time to look up partnership opportunities with nonprofits. Mostly likely, your target persona has not only heard of them, but has interacted with them in some way before. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to leverage the vast exposure that a lot of widely-known nonprofits have, such as the ASPCA, Susan G. Komen, etc.

Empower Your Team

No one is a bigger advocate for your brand than your employees – If you can effectively engage and empower them to share the vision.

If you create a workplace culture that honors your vision for a sustainable future, a more inclusive and accepting society, or nurtures whatever other positive mission you have, they’ll enthusiastically advocate for your brand in their communities, online, etc.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, the best way to target sustainable or humanitarian audiences is to BE a sustainable or humanitarian brand. This means effectively dissecting each department and strategizing ways in which you can effectively operate under your vision. The rest will come naturally, as you’ll create an organic alignment between your brand and your target audience.

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