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$3,723.00 USD

This Tuluska rug was woven in the Nuristani province of Afghanistan by Pashtun Kochi gypsies in collaboration with Nuristani Kalasha women.

The Tuluska rug embodies the earthy colors of the desert at dusk. The hand-knotted wool designs of the field feature night-time somber blues paired with the warmth-evoking tones of naturally found Middle Eastern clay. Her aesthetic, symmetrical design boasts lively flowers, camel heads, and a purple geometric border reminiscent of the cloths of ancient royalty. Across the 1-1/2 inch flatweave edge are prominent pops of uniform yarn bundles, adding character and story to any dwelling.

Type: Senneh Hand-Knotted

Design: Rectilinear

Dimensions: 77” x 43” (196 x 109 cm)

Knot Density: 72 kpsi

Pile: 0.24 in (6.12 mm) low / flat wool

Foundation: Double warp, single weft

Dyes: Natural

Labor: 660 hours

Year: 2017

Inventory#: 001-01

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