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Hey Jacob-

I saw your HARO and query and thought I’d get in touch. I am the founder of miracle marketing- a spiritual/mindful marketing agency that caters to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and start up organizations. My clients, though from a various array of industries, share the common belief in everyday miracles that we are all a part of a source of love, and that we can plug into vital loving energy to achieve our dreams.

Our blog features both marketing tips and spiritual empowerment for free thinkers and business rogues. You can view it here: link

I myself have studied self-help extensively, reading the work of Gabrielle Bernstein, Jen Sincero, Rhonda Byrne, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Thomas Oppong, etc.

My input about self love is this, should you choose to use it or not:

Self love means achieving the utmost satisfaction and contentment with who you are mentally, spiritually, and physically. Self love isn’t an end state, but rather, a fruitful, beautiful, enlightening pursuit to achieve your highest self.

Self love means going through the trials and tribulations of learning lessons that connect your mind, body, and spirit with your own love and acceptance of yourself. These lessons come in the form of learning to respect and admire your amazing body, praise and show gratitude for your unique traits, strengths and characteristics, learning to be courageous to attain what you want in life, and by being positive enough to fight for the good that’s around you at all times.

In essence, self love is more than just going to a spa or doing your weekly yoga class. Self love is a profound spiritual commitment to shower yourself with unconditional love at all times in order to find fulfillment in life, live your purpose, and achieve pure, unbound happiness.

I hope this helps! If there’s anything you need from me in order to be featured, let me know!

Mikaela Delia

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