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About Us

They’re your best friend, companion, and you may even feel like they’re your child. Your doodle brightens your day to no end, and to them, you’re they’re life.

Being the owner of a doodle, such as a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Bernedoodle, Poodle or any of the other heckin’ good doodle bois, means that your entire life is better because they’re in it. Others wouldn’t understand. Doods are life.

That’s why we provide you with stylish swag to show the world just how much your dood means to you. [Withheld] knows that the bond between you and your special pal is an unbreakable one. Take your love for them a step further by reppin’ your pupper with products made especially for you and your dood.

The [withheld] brand is made of our exclusive artist's collections such as [withheld]. All of the designs from our awesome artists are completely unique and were made especially for us to give to you (and your woofer). Our product line is constantly being refreshed with new products such as t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and accessories that’ll remind you of your special doodle doggo anywhere you go.

You’re probably thinking about their cute face right now, aren’t you? It’s probably making you feel all warm inside. We definitely get it. Treat yo’ self and honor your doodle with [withheld].