Email Sequence Sample

Email #1

[Subject Line:] Phil Knight’s words to live by

[Preview:] Hey {Contact.FirstName}, you’re a high-level CFO, so I thought you might like to hear this profound quote by Phil Knight if you haven’t heard it already


Hey {Contact.FirstName},

I hope you’re well and everything is running smoothly at {Company.Name}. I came across a Phil Knight quote recently that I think might apply to you as a {Contact.JobTitle}.

He said: “You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.”

I discussed it with a few friends of mine who are CFOs over a bourbon, and they seemed to agree. They also let me know that the first people to measure themselves by you are employees.

One of them said “the greatest gift you can get as a CFO is being in charge of HR. Think about it, you’re given the power to align your HR strategy with your business strategy.

When you’re the financial pilot AND the pilot of everyone aboard the plane, you become invaluable.”

That’s when we decided to gather high-profile industry leaders who were in on this valuable knowledge, to create an exclusive webinar for CFOs to effectively fill in any gaps between HR and Finance.

Ultimately, so CFOs are undoubtedly measuring up to their fullest potential as a company leader.

Now, I’m not saying that’s you, or that this even applies to you.

But I am saying, that if Phil Knight’s words struck any sort of cord, join us.

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Warm wishes,

Carolyn Kick

Email #2

[Subject Line:] Agree or disagree: “finance is like fishing”

[Preview:] Hey {Contact.FirstName}, you’re in finance so I wanted to get your thoughts about this analogy...would you agree?


Hope you’re well {Contact.Firstname},

You’re a {Contact.JobTitle}, so I wanted to get your thoughts on this analogy a finance friend of mine said to me one night while we were out on their boat.

They said (albeit, an IPA or two deep) “finance is like fishing…the fish are the critical financial data and insight you need to feed the market and have a substantial share of it. The more/bigger the fish, the better you can feed.

The CFO is the fisherman and the pole and net are your data collection tools. The better they are, the better your catch.”

I laughed. It made sense, for sure. I asked where the actual company and the other employees fit in.

They thought for a minute and said “well, the company is the boat. The employees, they drive it.”

It’s funny because Warren Buffet once said "Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be a more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks." So maybe the analogy is right?

This, of course, made me realize how important it is to align finance strategies with HR strategies, and why we made it our duty to solidify that relationship with our webinar.

The webinar aims to arm CFOs with the critical knowledge they need to bridge the gap between Finance and HR.

Which means more fish, which means more market share. Want to be the best fisherman?

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Warmest wishes,


Email #3

[Subject Line:] {Contact.FirstName} are you in the 61% of CFOs?

[Preview:] Hey {Contact.FirstName}, I just saw a staggering statistic regarding CFOs. Do you consider yourself apart of it?


Hey {Contact.FirstName},

I hope things are looking well at {Company.Name}. I saw an interesting statistic. Does it sound like you?

Apparently, 61% of CFOs don’t think HR impacts the bottom line.

Which is interesting, because some of the greatest executives and influencers agree that valuing employees through effective HR is easily one of the best and most rewarding investments that a company can make.

Simon Sinek once said "When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute."

If you’re at all affiliated with HR, you have the power to create that emotional investment in employees, which in turn, will make them contribute.

Pair that power with the valuable information you’ll learn in our webinar from other CFOs in the minority we mentioned above, and you’ll be driving your bottom line well beyond those of the other 61%.

If you already consider yourself in that minority, then imagine how far you can drive your bottom line with the critical information needed to take your HR strategy well beyond what’s already being done?

Be a step above the rest.

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Warmest wishes,


PS- This is my last email regarding the webinar. If you’re at all serious about piloting your company into new territories (beyond your competition) by harnessing the power of effective CFO-HR cohesion, now is the time to register.

Email #3

[Subject Line:] {Contact.FirstName}, ever stayed ‘til “last call”?

[Preview:] Hey {Contact.FirstName}, I know I said that my last email would be my last. But I’ll make this brief so you’re not one of the the few to miss out on ..


Hey {Contact.FirstName},

I’ll make this brief, because I know I said my last email would be my last. But if you’ve ever stayed at a bar or event ‘til “last call,” then you know why I’m dropping one more line.

At last call (and you might know this already) the bartender usually yells out the words “last call!”

All of sudden, everyone rushes the bar to get that one last round before it’s too late, and it goes from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

This is your “last call” for the webinar that (a surprising amount of) other CFOs have rushed to register for.

If you don’t sign up now, you’ll be missing out on critical information about aligning your finance strategy with your HR strategy to corner the market, that other CFOs will have, and you’ll have to wait until next Saturday night to get (which, we don’t know when that will be.)

“Last Call!” Don’t miss out.

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